Military and tattoo removal

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March 14, 2015
Discounts for those entering the military

The regulations for tattoos in the military have changed over the past few months.  You think military and tattoos go hand in hand right? Now the rules have changed.  It is harder and harder to get into the service with visible tattoos.  We have been helping people remove tattoos that are against the new rules and regulations. One person in particular is Autumn. She has a chest piece that is dedication to her baby brother who passed away some time ago.  She is making the hard choice to keep the memorial tattoo or do what she has always imagined she would do and join the military. Some people have been trying to help her find ways around getting it removed. is hoping to help her raise money so she can get this tattoo removed, if it comes down to having to. will match anything she raises towards her laser tattoo removal.

Click the link below to read her story.