Mobile Services

Mobile Services started in 2012 in Sacramento, CA. The business was developed to respond to a growing need in the community to have tattoos removed. Chris Bendinelli, R.N. and Eric Zacharias, M.D. partner to deliver affordable and effective laser tattoo removal.

In 2014, developed a self-contained, ADA compliant, mobile unit. The mobile unit is now used at non-profits, state prisons, state hospitals, and jails all over California.

Tattoo Removal Rules

A laser is used in tattoo removal. This requires the oversight of a physician in CA. Dr. Zacharias supervises and provides all of the protocols for the nurses who perform these procedures. We carry all the necessary insurances to perform services in a correctional setting. Our registered nurses also complete medical history and progress charting on each client. We provide each institution with records of progress and an estimated number of treatments after each visit. When you contract with, you contract with a physician to provide services.


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