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Featured Artists

inkoff is working with local tattoos artists and their clients. It’s about the bigger picture and sharing our talents, resources and passion to enable us to better serve our clients, customers, and community.
We can fade that old tattoo, and maybe not so good memory,  for that perfect cover.  

Ryan “El Duge” Lewis

I absolutely love to tattoo and get so much fulfillment from it, working with people to create something they cherish. Art is my passion. There is nothing, NOTHING like the look on someones face when we do a portrait of their children or a loved one who has passed. I love the look in peoples eyes when they cannot believe their eyes.
El Duge (916)-970-5004  



Resident tattoo artist at Classic Tattoo in Grass Valley, launched her career in body art in 1996. She specializes in large, organic, custom pieces and cover ups. You can check out her latest work on Instagram at alyciaharr33 or contact her at the shop at (530)273-6499.
  Alycia (916)-267-4521