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March 13, 2015

At we do laser tattoo removal. May not seem like that  big of a deal to some people, but to a few people in our community it is life changing. We have helped hundreds of folks in the Sacramento area remove tattoos that are gang or hate related off of their hands, faces, and necks.

You may not realize how much a visible tattoo may hinder someone’s chances of getting a job. We really encourage people that may have these “job-stoppers” to come and see us. We interviewed our patient Mike and he said that “it means a lot to have remove the tattoos because it doesn’t endanger his family having tattoos on his face. I’m a family man and I work and I want to conduct myself in a more professional way.”

People who are no longer involved in the gangs or affiliated with their tattoos come to us to try and remove their past and start over with their future. Having a gang tattoo really can hold you back from getting a job, feeling comfortable in social settings, and so much more. Here at we want to help their self esteem rise by helping them start fresh!