Outreach/Giving Back

Outreach/Giving Back


inkoff.me is a small business that believes in giving back to its community. We cannot exist without our friends and referrals. We offer discounts to our friends who work in law enforcement, fire fighting, EMS, and nurses. Also, a portion of our profits are used to support House of Acts, a home in Oak Park used to help at-risk youth. We are always looking for organizations to partner with us to offer tattoo removal at a discounted rate. Contact us about setting up customized packages for your group or organization.

Juan Nila has made a lot of decisions he regrets, but at least one can be erased: the prominent Aztec tattoo across the front of his neck that signaled his membership in a street gang. “I’m trying to change my life around,” he said recently as he clutched paperwork that would admit him into a mobile tattoo removal van. “This is part of my betterment, to make me look more presentable.” Nila ices his throat after the painful tattoo removal session. He said the laser felt like a hot rubber band snapping his neck. The event for 1170(h) offenders was sponsored by the Mary Magdalene Community Services Center, a counseling and job readiness nonprofit in San Joaquin County funded, in part, with Public Safety Realignment money distributed by the county’s Community Corrections Partnership.

Discounts for those entering the military.
Did you know that inkoff.me gives discounts to those in the community trying to enlist in the military! Call Inkoff.me for more information! We would love to help!

Inkoff.me joined up with CPFSJ on the 8th to do tattoo removal. We did around 120 tattoos! The most memorable quote of the day was, “Yea, this is a gang-related tattoo, but I’m turning my life around. I’m in a welding program and have worked lined up for me in a few months when I graduate. I’m getting this removed so I can get that job.”

Institutional Service

Inkoff.me mobile tattoo services goes where we’re needed the most. Our team works with individuals who need to and are prepared re-start their own journey.

Inkoff.me does tattoo removal inside institutions. We assist those who have been incarcerated in finding employment, is removing tattoos on their hands, neck and face. For some, this is a means to an end. For others, it represents shedding their past mistakes and making a fresh start.

Inkoff.me does tattoo removal for parolees
We also serve Individuals who have already began their new journey and need to remove evidence of their past. We work with non-profits, churches, probation and parole organizations.


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