Will Tattoo Removal Be Easier in the Future?

Will Tattoo Removal Be Easier in the Future?

About one in three people who get tattoos regret their decisions in the future. In the past, those seeking tattoo removal would find it a messy and complicated process. You would leave with blisters and scarring that would equate to having a bad tattoo.

But with technological advancements, things are much better. Hence, there is hope that tattoo removal will be easier in the future.


New Studies


New studies are demystifying the tattooing process. They are helping scientists understand why tattoo ink will not slough away together with dead skin cells. Scientists once thought tattoos would stain the skin cells in the deep dermal skin layer.

These cells or fibroblasts play a critical role in wound healing. However, studies show that immune cells or macrophages that absorb invading microbes are responsible for sustaining tattoo ink.

These cells swallow up and hold on to tattoo ink. When they die, they release it to neighboring cells that gobble it up and hold on to it. It is a capture, release, and recapture cycle. Understanding this could lead to faster and more efficient tattoo removal methods.


Promising Tattoo Removal Methods


Past methods of tattoo removal include chemical peels or dermabrasions that are painful. They also take twice the amount of time modern methods use. Nowadays, there are effective lasers that vaporize tattoo ink and leave you with clean and healthy-looking skin.

Here is a look at some of the technological advances that are giving hope that tattoo removal may be easier in the future.




There are several types of lasers available for tattoo removal. The method dates back to the beginning of experimentation with lasers in the 1960s. In the 80s, a hospital in Scotland was using the Q-switched Ruby Laser. Since then, several Q-switched lasers are paving the way for the pico technology lasers. These have 1,000 times more energy than the Q-switched laser.

Pico technology works on all ink colors. It shatters the particles into pieces, allowing the immune system to get rid of them. Technicians prefer this method since they do not have to switch between several lasers.


Zimmer Cryogenic Device


Some people find tattoo removal using the laser slightly annoying. However, others fear the pain. Some technicians will use numbing cream to deal with this. However, the Zimmer cryogenic device works with the laser to cool and numb the treatment area. You can use it before and during tattoo removal. It is more comfortable and relatively pain-free.


Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal


The method is not on the market yet. However, it is a topical cream that will target the macrophages. It will encourage a new set of macrophages to gobble up the old ones. The new cells will not hold ink pigment.

They will carry it away to the lymphatic system and get rid of it, removing the tattoo by causing it to fade away. The method is less time-consuming, costly, and painful than laser removal.

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