Why You Need Professional Tattoo Removal Vs. at Home Removal Remedies

Why You Need Professional Tattoo Removal Vs. at Home Removal Remedies

Tattoos are permanent; however, there are times you may grow weary of your tattoo and wish to get rid of it. At times like this, you will want to find the best solutions for tattoo removal. In your quest, you may come across some at home removal remedies. These may seem quite tempting as they promise to be cheaper and quicker than professional tattoo removal.

However, here are some reasons you should still choose professional tattoo removal over home remedies.


Less Chance of Scarring

Some of these home removal remedies can leave you with gory scars. They are dangerous methods that involve the removal of the epidermis and rubbing salt in its place. The process is painful. The worst part of going through it is that it does not work. It only makes the tattoo you hate look worse.

These processes also require a fair amount of healing time. Professional tattoo removal will break up the color pigments and leave the skin around them. A professional will also leave your skin without scarring. Most people who go for professional tattoo removal describe the experience as being slightly uncomfortable. Rarely do people describe it as extremely painful.


It Is Safe

When you go the professional tattoo removal route, you will be safe. You will benefit from having specialists care for you. Before the process starts, they will review with you your medical history. Thus, you are safe if complications arise. They will have information to refer to for treatment.

The process of tattoo removal is tiring to the body. The staff at inkoff.me will provide your skin and body with the best before and aftercare. You can heal fast between sessions because of their support.


Effective Elimination

Lasers effectively eliminate tattoos, unlike home remedies. No home remedy shows promise in removing tattoos. They mostly end up harming your skin. As a result, you may use more money consulting a dermatologist after you try at home solutions.

Lasers use different wavelengths to remove different colors from your tattoo. The light energy breaks down the pigments, and the body effectively eliminates them. Advances in technology allow the removal of the most stubborn colors.


Faster Removal

Home remedies claim to remove or fade the tattoo slowly over a long period. It may happen or not. However, professional tattoo removal assures you of tattoo removal. Every time you go for a session, the laser breaks up pigment particles. It eliminates these particles through the immune system. You will notice your tattoo fading after just a few sessions.


Least Painful

Some of these home remedies partly destroy the skin as you try to get rid of your tattoo. The process is painful, unlike professional tattoo sessions where the tattoo removal specialists try to keep you as comfortable as possible. They will use numbing creams and cold machines to ensure you have a good experience. Some people describe the sensation as a snap of a rubber band on your skin. There may be some slight discomfort and pain, but it is bearable.

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