Why Are Old Tattoos Easier to Remove Than New?

Why Are Old Tattoos Easier to Remove Than New?

Are you thinking of removing your tattoo?

You may have heard that older tattoos are easier to remove. Indeed, the older your tattoo is, the easier it is to eliminate. Eliminating a new tattoo may take more than 10 treatment sessions, while an older one may take only four to six treatments to remove.


How Does the Age of a Tattoo Affect Removal?

Tattoos fade out with age. Naturally, the body gradually eliminates some tattoo ink. Over time, the body breaks down the ink into smaller bits to make it easier to remove. 

The natural tattoo removal process may take a long time and may not guarantee complete removal. That is because tattoos use a great deal of ink, and the body may not be able to process all the ink. Instead, the tattoo will look faded after several years. For the body to effectively break down and process all the ink, you may need to see a specialist at inkoff.me for laser removal.

Other factors that make old tattoos easier to remove include:


Exposure to Sunlight

When making a tattoo, tattoo artists target the second layer of your skin, the dermis. Because of its thickness, the dermis soaks in the tattoo ink and makes it last longer.

But that does not stop sunlight from penetrating the first layer of your skin and fragmenting the ink over time. Through your immune system, your body takes away the broken ink particles and decreases them.

In some cases, continued exposure to the sun’s rays may change the tattoo ink color, causing it to turn blue or green. The faded tattoo is much more straightforward to remove because it has less ink remaining.


Immune System

As soon as the tattoo ink enters your skin, your body sees it as a foreign substance. As a result, the body prompts the white blood cells to fight the intruding ink particles, much like it would bacteria. 

The body then collects proteins in the blood, known as antibodies. Antibodies circulate the blood, searching for anything it considers intrusive. With time, your body’s response will erode your tattoo and make it easy for the dermatologist to remove what remains.


Tattoo Site

The skin on different parts of your body has different thickness levels. Thin skin layers may not hold onto ink for long, making it easier to remove the tattoos. 

Also, the closer the tattoo is to your heart, the faster your body will wear down the ink particles after the procedure. The farther away the tattoo is, the more time it will take for your blood to flow to that location.


Want to Remove Your Tattoo?

Eliminating old tattoos has the same risks as getting rid of a newer tattoo. Talk to your dermatologist if you have pre-existing medical or skin conditions before starting the removal procedure. These conditions may complicate the treatment and interfere with your recovery.

A specialist will work with you to create a tattoo removal plan to get rid of your tattoo as safely as possible.

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