What Happens After the First Session of Tattoo Removal?

What Happens After the First Session of Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal treatment goes through several sessions. The first step is finding the right professional to perform the procedure. Schedule a consultation with the studio to understand what to expect. Here, you can ask all the questions you may have.

The Consultation


It is advisable to treat the first session like other health and wellness appointments. Keep yourself hydrated, eat well, have a good night’s sleep, wear loose clothing, and clean the tattoo.

On average, your first session may last around five minutes. If you are afraid of pain, remember that this is a much shorter period than getting your tattoo. You may require between 10 to 12 treatment sessions to achieve great results, but several factors dictate the number of follow-up appointments. These include placement, the age of the tattoo, density, and color of the ink.

What Happens During the First Session?


Once you are past consultation, you need to know what to expect at the first removal appointment. The technician will start by cleaning the tattoo. They may place an icepack on the area for around a minute to reduce pain.

Next, they will use a device to blow cold air onto your skin before starting the procedure, and the technician may perform a test spot to weigh your pain tolerance. If everything seems okay, they will continue the process.

A frosting may appear on the face of your tattoo after this first treatment. It is a sign of the laser breaking apart the ink particles on your skin and your white blood cells carry these pieces away. The frosting only lasts a few minutes. Afterward, they will provide you with a hydrocortisone ointment and some advice on how to take care of the removal area.

What to Expect After the First Session


It is possible to revert to your usual daily routine after this procedure. The healing process after your first appointment is similar to getting a tattoo. You may experience a slight sunburn sensation for around 30 minutes after treatment. There may be some swelling and red pigment around the area, though it is nothing serious. Blisters may develop in severe cases.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare


There are a few things to make your recovery period more bearable. Keep the treatment area clean by using mild soap. Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid irritation and to shade from direct sunlight. Use hydrocortisone ointment or vitamin E oil to hydrate your skin. Avoid working out for at least a day, and do not swim or soak yourself in water for 48 hours.

Length of Healing


The period the treatment area takes to heal varies and some individuals may take longer than others. Your physician will recommend a schedule after the first session. They will put them in intervals to allow the skin to heal between appointments.

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