What can I expect before, after, and during laser hair removal?


Before, after, and during laser hair removal

If you’re tired of shaving and waxing unwanted hair just for it to grow back again, then maybe it’s time you consider laser hair removal. Laser hair removal works by delivering a concentrated beam of light, or laser, into the hair follicles, which in turn damages or inhibits the follicles from producing hair in the future. Laser hair removal is preferred because it normally lasts longer than any other treatment. In many cases it leads to finer and lighter hair growth, and in some it can even be permanent. If you’re interested in laser hair removal, than it is beneficial to know what can you expect from the laser hair removal process itself.

Before you get laser hair removal...

there are a few things you need to know so that you can properly prepare. First, you should schedule a consultation to make sure that laser hair removal is right for you and your skin/ hair type combination. Before receiving treatment, it is important that you stay out of the sun for up to six weeks prior to treatment as well as avoiding skin tanners, so make sure to plan any vacations around this! Also make sure that you avoid doing any other form of hair removal up to 4 weeks before. This includes plucking and waxing, but shaving is ok! Shaving and trimming are actually recommended for the day before treatment.

During the treatment itself...

you will need to wear special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser. Some people don’t feel anything, while others can feel a slight discomfort similar to a quick pinprick; in this case, it is also possible to use a topical numbing cream so that the pain is less intense. Small areas can take just a few minutes, while larger areas can take up to an hour or more. So what exactly can you expect after the laser hair removal treatment? It is likely that you will not notice the hair loss right away because it takes a few days for the burned hair follicles to fall out. After the laser hair removal treatment, you may notice some redness and swelling, somewhat like a sunburn, for a couple of days after the treatment. It is important to avoid the sun for the next six weeks, and to make sure that you apply sunscreen to the treated areas for the next month or so. If you are interested in laser hair removal come in to an Inkoff.me near you at any one of our locations in Berkley, Sacramento, or Stockton California, and allow our professionals to take care of all your hair removal needs!