Tips for Managing Pain During Tattoo Removal

Tips for Managing Pain During Tattoo Removal

People have different pain thresholds. Some will say that tattoo removal is painful, others will say they experience slight discomfort. The level of pain is dependent on different factors. These include:


  • The location of the tattoo

  • The artist’s technique

  • The size of the tattoo

  • How you prepare yourself

  • Your physical health



What Happens During Tattoo Removal?

Lasers release infrared light that heats the skin and breaks the ink particles into smaller pieces. Although it is effective, it causes some discomfort. The level of discomfort will depend on your pain tolerance level.

You may feel more pain during longer sessions. Thus, the removal specialist at may divide the duration into more sessions.


What can you do to manage all this pain during tattoo removal?


Choose Skill

Find yourself a removal expert who will use the latest technology and give medical supervision. Otherwise, you may end up in pain. You may also have swellings and blisters that result in scars. Outdated laser technology may apply too much heat to your skin, resulting in pain.


Cold Ice Packs

These may be old, but they are still effective. Put an ice pack against your skin for five to ten minutes before the procedure. It will numb the treatment area so that you do not feel pain. You can wrap ice cubes in a towel or use a bag of frozen vegetables. They are a good substitute and will work just as well as ice cubes.


Numbing Creams

Topical anesthesia blocks the nerve endings that send pain signals to the brain. Numbing cream is ideal for use on extremities. It also works well in areas with a high localization of blood vessels and lymph nodules. Although it works well, numbing cream will cause a dull sensation. However, this is acceptable in comparison to sharp pain.

Take precautions and do not apply it to an area with irritation or wounds. You should also consult a doctor before using it since it is not ideal if you have some medical conditions. Wipe it off the skin after using it for an hour.


Cold Air Machines

Some tattoo removal places have cold air machines. This helps minimize discomfort and thermal injury. They work in the same way as ice packs. They intensely cool your skin, creating a numbing effect. Cold air machines reduce redness, swelling, and bruising in the treatment area.


Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes, a good night of sleep is all you need. It will relieve stress and anxiety. It will also help you handle pain better. As you go into the appointment, you can practice relaxation techniques like breathing or listening to music. They can help distract you from the pain.


Prepare Psychologically

Pain is individual. Thus, some people feel pain while others do not. Prepare yourself psychologically if you think it will hurt. Walk into the session with a positive expectation. Relax and expect the best out of the session.

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