The Most Uncomfortable Areas to have Tattoos Removed

For the majority of people, their first tattoo is an impulse – a design chosen out of an artist’s portfolio or a cool design that they have seen somewhere and decided that they would like to turn into a tattoo. This doesn’t necessarily just apply to first tattoos either. Even if you put a great deal of thought into the design of your body art, there’s nothing to say that you will continue to love it as much in the future. This means that for many people, tattoo regret is a very real issue. Whether it is an ex’s name, a design that holds a bad memory, or simply something that you’ve decided you no longer like, you no longer have to live with your unwanted ink.

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Tattoo removal means that what was once considered to be permanent body art can now be successfully removed rather than just recovered. But if you have ever heard anything about tattoo removal before, you’ll know that the process isn’t without discomfort. Nevertheless, many people are surprised to discover that eliminating their ink is rarely quite as painful as they expect.


Firstly, it is important to remember that everyone experiences and handles pain slightly differently. And some people are particularly sensitive to pain. Where you might be able to sit under the tattooist’s needle for several hours without more than a little discomfort, someone else might find even a minute or two of tattooing unbearably painful. The process isn’t pain-free, but if you have sat through in the first place, then you should be able to handle getting it removed. Another important thing to note is that, unless your tattoo is very large, laser removal is very fast. Small tattoos removal sessions are typically less than a minute each!

Is tattoo removal more uncomfortable in certain areas of the body?

Just as getting tattoos on certain parts of the body tends to be more painful, so too does the removal process. The reason for this is that some areas of the body have more touch receptors than others, which makes the skin more sensitive to the laser. Some of the areas of the body where tattoo removal is considered to be more uncomfortable include the armpits, hands, and feet. Areas of the body where there are very little fat and tattoos close to a bone – such as elbows and collarbones, can also be more painful when undergoing tattoo removal.

How many sessions of tattoo laser removal will I need?

The answer to this question really depends on how large your tattoo is and how well your body responds to the treatment. In the majority of cases, patients can expect to need at least four sessions to see their ink removed, but larger tattoos can require far more sessions. Your technician will be able to give you an approximate estimate when you attend your consultation.


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