10 Reasons someone would remove their tattoo


Tattoos are one of the many art forms that help people express themselves and we have all seen some great tattoos and some not-so-great tattoos. People get tattoos and remove tattoos for an exponential amount of reasons, but here are 10 reasons one would decide to remove their permanent little friend.


#1 - Regret and Shame

Of course, before your tattoo session you most likely said “this tattoo is something I will never regret”, yet here you are - regretting it. Maybe it’s a love lost? You were dating Olivia and now you have her name tattooed on your forearm. She cheated on you resulting in a nasty break up and you are now stuck with Olivia forever. Regret? Yes. Shame? Yes.


#2 - Wrong timing

When approaching adulthood, some may feel a little antsy in awaiting the time to appropriately receive a tattoo. You’re only 16 so you seek out the sketchy artist who doesn’t make sure you’re 18 and you get a tattoo of the first thing you think of. As time goes by, you start to realize that this tattoo is actually not very good. The lines aren’t straight, the tattoo isn’t crisp… but it is now apart of you. Tattoo removal services were made for you, my friend.


#3 - It’s just ugly.

It happens! Sometimes, tattoos are just better off an idea. The tattoo could not be very well done overall or the artist just missed the mark of your original intention. Either way, you ended up with an ugly tattoo and you can’t live with this for the rest of your life.


#4 - Updated lifestyle

Maybe in your younger years, you had a cheesy quote that you lived by. That mantra has gotten you through some tough things. You respected the mantra… at the time. You are now in your 30’s and that quote is far more ridiculous than you remember. The only snag is - it has been tattooed on your rib cage since you were 19. You no longer want to be the lady with “Live. Laugh. Love” printed on her body. Two words: Tattoo. Removal.


#5 - Drunken Mistake

You’re 21 and out with your friends, you guys have been drinking and you suddenly blurt out, “we should all get matching tattoos!” The whole group screams in joy and you all stumble to a late night tattoo shop. You don’t care what exactly you all get, but it must be small and out of direct sight. You wake up the next day with a small ankle tattoo of a fried chicken wing. You are now Yelping the “best tattoo removal places near me”.


#6 - Absolute wrong place

Although the world is slowly becoming more accepting of tattoos in the workplace, there are still some spots that seem to be a no-go for employers. In your younger years, you thought getting a bright pink kiss mark tattooed on your neck was a great idea but that has proven to be false. Maybe you thought a trendy above-the-eyebrow tattoo would be cool, but this has proven to be a short-lived mistake. The removal process is brutal, but so so worth it.


#7 - Everyone has my tattoo

For some people, the tattoos on their body have significant reasoning behind them. You thought you were separating yourself from the crowd by getting this very special tattoo tattooed on your body, but it turns out - everyone and their mom has a Rose tattoo. Womp, womp, womp.


#8 - Aftercare Issues

Every person who has received a tattoo has been briefed on the proper ways to care for a tattoo once it has been completed. A tattoo is basically an open would so it is best to be too careful. If you unfortunately run into an infection or you end up picking and peeling your tattoo, the overall final look of the tattoo is in jeopardy. Sometimes mishaps occur during the healing process that can leave your tattoo looking a hot mess, which may lead to someone inquiring about removal.


#9 - Bad vibes

Maybe you got your tattoo for someone, or it represents a time of your life that was significant at one point. This person or time is no longer significant of you and just brings you bad vibes. Every time you look at your tattoo, it just reminds you of that person, place, or time and it makes you feel annoyed. Definitely warrants a removal!


#10 - Good ole Mom n Dad

Maybe you went behind your parents back. You rebelled and you got a ridiculous tattoo in plain sight. The parental figures are pissed. They say it will ruin your life and they demand that you remove it. So you do… Sucker.


I think we can all learn from these reasons and seriously evaluate any and every tattoo idea to make sure that it is exactly what you want.