How Sun Exposure Can Affect Your Laser Tattoo Removal

How Sun Exposure Can Affect Your Laser Tattoo Removal

You may choose to remove your tattoo to make space for a new idea or because you have grown tired of an old one. Whatever the case, you may land on laser tattoo removal which utilizes different light wavelengths to break up the various pigments on your tattoo. The process is safe, but you must follow the after-care precautions such as avoiding sun exposure.

Why do you need to do this?

Increases Melanin


The sun increases the production of melanin and vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D regulates your immune system or absorbs iron and calcium. Melanin causes your skin to turn brown or become darker, while laser tattoo removal requires your skin to be natural and healthy. Your skin turning darker complicates subsequent sessions.

Increases Risk of Burns


Exposing your skin to the sun after laser tattoo removal could result in burns or blisters. Your skin is still sensitive and needs to heal effectively before exposure. Even if you do not get blisters, your skin may become darker due to melanin production. Dark skin is not as receptive to laser tattoo removal as it could be.

Reduces Efficiency of Removal


Extra pigment means extra time for removal. Therefore, you will need more laser sessions. Tanning your skin makes pigment redistribution through your bloodstream difficult and it will take longer to remove the tattoo.

Increases Risk of Scarring


The sun's heat can irritate the delicate skin under treatment and cause blisters. The blisters may result in scarring as they heal. You may also not experience burns or blisters immediately after exposure. However, you may get them during your next removal session.

So, what does that mean? Below are a couple of FAQs.

What if You Want to Remove the Tattoo After a Vacation in the Sun?


After all, it is not that you are undergoing laser removal and exposing your tattoo to the sun. However, your body produces melanin, which will make your skin dark. Dark skin does not respond well to laser tattoo removal. You may require more sessions than necessary or get burns and blisters.

What if You Go to a Tanning Bed or Get a Fake Tan?


You may think a tanning bed is different from exposing your tattoo to the sun. However, it releases UV rays that have the same effect as the sun. They will cause the production of melanin that darkens your skin. Fake tans also darken your skin, and the toxins from the tanning products may affect the procedure or result in allergic reactions.

If you need to go out in the sun, ensure it is at least four weeks after your session. During this time, avoid exposing your tattoo to the sun for the duration of your treatments.

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