Signs Laser Tattoo Removal Is Working

Signs Laser Tattoo Removal Is Working

Tattoos have significant meanings to most people. However, there reaches a time when you outgrow your tattoo, or it loses its sentimental value. Fortunately, you can remove the tattoo you no longer want through laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal takes several sessions for the desired results. The process requires patience and consistency. Several factors determine the number of times you will go for your sessions. You may need 10 to 12 sessions before the tattoo is removed. Your specialist at will space the treatment session six or eight weeks apart to allow your skin enough time to heal.

After each session, you can see signs that the laser tattoo removal is working. The science behind this is that the laser breaks down the tattoo ink into smaller particles. Read on to learn what signs to look out for to know that the treatment is working.


Progress Is Cumulative

Laser tattoo removal is a cumulative process where you will begin noticing signs after every session. You must consistently go through every scheduled treatment session to get your desired results. Gradual changes happen for you to get your results.


After the First Session

Slight itching, blistering, swelling, and redness are common after your first treatment. You do not have to worry if you experience these after your first session. Your skin will be sensitive and tender. Such side effects will subside after two weeks. The day after your treatment, the treated site will not feel pain. You can resume your usual activities as it will not hinder you.

The tattoo site may have a chalky appearance due to the frosting effect after the laser removal. Do not get alarmed as this is a natural effect signifying carbon dioxide release from your skin. The reaction will last for up to thirty minutes after your treatment. However, contact your tattoo removal specialist if it lasts more than half an hour—but this should be very unlikely.


The First Week

Your body will keep carrying away and digesting the tattoo ink during the first week after the initial treatment. During this stage, your skin will begin healing. It may continue being swollen and red throughout the first week.

Your body will keep carrying away the affected ink. You will not see an immediate difference until about the sixth to eighth week.


After the Third Session

Three sessions may be enough if you only need to fade out your tattoo so you can cover it up. However, you should be patient with the process if you want complete tattoo removal. After three treatment sessions, you will see significant fading.


After the Fourth Session and Beyond


A tattoo can fade out completely after your fourth session. You may notice these results a few weeks after this session. Most people tend to see their desired results after four sessions.

However, this depends on different factors, such as the tattoo and your goals. Before and after photos can show you the success of your treatment. You can look at the photos side by side and see the tattoo’s color, location, and skin tone.

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