Mobile Tattoo Removal partners with correctional facilities and non-profits to offer mobile tattoo removal in California and is looking to expand to other locations. 

Our mobile tattoo unit, equipped with a laser tattoo removal machine and our highly trained staff, goes inside prisons and jails and offers tattoo removal to people who are incarcerated but want to make a positive change in their lives. 

States and counties spend millions of dollars to help people who are in prison train for jobs but oftentimes, a tattoo on their hands, neck or face can deter potential employers from taking a chance on someone with a rough past. Laser tattoo removal provides an outer statement on an inner change. 

Our mobile tattoo removal unit can pull behind a secured perimeter and can treat 10-15 tattoos per hour. We provide a lot of education about how to care for the tattoo and see minimal side effects. 

We can customize pricing and services depending on the needs of your organization. Sometimes we customize a package by the hour and other times it is a per treatment price. Contact us today to set up a time to discuss California's best mobile tattoo removal. 916-600-4428