Can You Speed Up Laser Tattoo Removal?

Can You Speed Up Laser Tattoo Removal?

Most people who get tattoos do so in the hope that they will love the artwork forever. But this is not always the case, and many people have tattoo regrets that continue to plague their lives. Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective and takes several sessions to complete. Here are ways you can speed up laser tattoo removal. 


Avoid Smoking 


Smoking harms your overall health and can increase the risk of developing severe health complications. Smoking can damage your skin as the chemicals in cigarettes can negatively affect the immune system. 


During tattoo removal, smoking limits the effectiveness of the laser treatment while also slowing down wound healing. If you smoke, you will need more sessions to remove your tattoo. Quitting the habit can help speed up laser tattoo removal. 


Regular Exercise


Staying active helps speed up your heart rate, which in turn aids in tattoo removal. Regular exercise helps enhance your immune system, improving blood flow and cell regeneration. It results in faster breakdown and expulsion of ink particles. Individuals participating in daily workouts or sporting activities during the treatment experience more rapid tattoo removal results. 


Avoid Sun Exposure


Keeping your tattoo covered when outdoors will help speed up the removal process. Sun exposure suppresses the immune system, and a sun tan can prolong the removal process. Sun-tanned skin will require less aggressive or lighter treatment. 


You cannot get laser treatment if you suffer sunburn, meaning you must wait longer. Apply a high-quality sunscreen over the tattoo, and wear UV-resistant clothing or bandages for additional cover.   


Adequate Hydration


Drinking plenty of water each day is good for the skin. As well as keeping the skin looking smooth and clear, hydration helps with cell regeneration and improves immune system function. It allows the body to process the ink better. Drinking water and limiting the consumption of alcohol and other beverages that cause dehydration will help speed up tattoo removal. 


Eating a Healthy Diet


Consuming a healthy diet with plenty of lean proteins can help tattoo removal. It helps promote skin cell regeneration or growth. Studies also show that lean proteins can help increase pain tolerance. Avoid or limit sugars and empty carbs. 


Getting Adequate Sleep


Getting more sleep can help speed up your tattoo removal process. Lack of sleep can suppress immune system function. Sleeping eight hours each night during the treatment sessions will help improve the treatment. If you suffer from a sleep disorder, talk to your health provider to find the cause and recommend treatment. 


It takes multiple sessions to complete tattoo removal, spaced out over several months, giving the skin time to heal between sessions. The number of treatment sessions you require will depend on different factors. 


They include the size of the tattoo, the type of ink used, skin health, skin color, and location of the tattoo. During the process, you will receive a mild anesthetic to prevent discomfort. The skin specialist will give you more information about the removal process. 


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