Is it Safe to Get a Tattoo Over an Old or Removed One?

Is it Safe to Get a Tattoo Over an Old or Removed One?

People get tattoos that are often personal or meaningful. Significant life changes can lead to a change in tattoos, and individuals may want to know whether it is safe to get a tattoo over an old or removed one.

It is possible to get a new tattoo over a removed one, and the removed tattoo scar should heal without scarring or bleeding before applying more ink to the skin. Unhealed scar tissue can cause many problems when getting a new tattoo. Like any part of your body, healing after an injury takes time. The skin under a tattoo takes approximately eight weeks to heal. This duration does not apply to all tattoos as others may take more or less time.

Why Getting a Tattoo Over an Old One Is Unsafe



Skin Irritation


A new tattoo over an old one may cause skin irritation and develop a feeling of discomfort. Skin irritation happens if the artist prints a fresh tattoo on another when the skin has yet to fully heal.



The artist’s tattoo gun punctures the skin to insert the ink. Using a needle to puncture the skin can expose an individual to various complications. Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and tetanus are among the infections that may spread through tattoos.

Ink and Allergic Reactions


It is common for people to develop allergic reactions when getting tattoos. The reactions usually result from the ink used during the tattoo process. It is common for these reactions to manifest over time. Getting another tattoo increases the chances of reactions, especially if your body is sensitive to the ink used.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Complications


Skin areas that have tattoos have swollen during an MRI process. Tattoo ink contains magnetic components that may alter an MRI scan which can lead to a misdiagnosis of a condition. The tattoo ink absorbs the energy from the MRI magnetic field and spreads it which increases burn risk.

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