How to Prepare for Tattoo Laser Removal

How to Prepare for Tattoo Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal refers to the use of high-intensity light pulses to break down the fragments of the color on the skin. Most procedures use the Q-switched lasers technology to remove tattoos.


This laser technology treats ophthalmology, urology, dentistry, and cancer treatment complications. In tattoo removal, this non-invasive process works by dissolving the ink fragments before the body detoxifies them.


Various procedures take different duration depending on the size of the tattoo and the number of colors. For the removal to succeed, every color used requires a different intensity level.


Preparation of a Laser Tattoo Removal


While tattoo removal is usually the priority in the laser removal process, the patients must adhere to guidelines before undergoing the procedure. Some of the precautions start weeks before undergoing the procedure. The guidelines must be observed to help the healing process and avoid developing complications.


Clean the Target Area

Infection is common in all medical procedures; for this reason, it is essential to clean the skin area. Cleansing the skin surface will limit the possibility of developing complications after the procedure. Part of the cleaning process could involve shaving the target area.


Avoid Using Lotions on Tattooed Areas


Experts have warned against using substances rich in retinal and hydroxyl acids. Research has shown that using skin care products rich in these components causes scarring, affecting healing.


Have a Good Meal Before the Procedure


A decent meal before the tattoo laser removal procedure is essential. Doing this ensures the body gets the proper nutrients that will be beneficial in detoxifying the body. A balanced diet helps the body remove toxins without complications during the procedure.


Avoid Smoking


Smoking introduces toxins into the body. When done before or after a laser procedure, it might affect healing. Cigarette components such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen cyanide decrease blood flow. A decrease in the flow of oxygenated blood to the skin could affect recovery and, eventually, healing.


Take Mild Painkillers Before the Procedure


The high pulses projected on the body could cause discomfort to the skin. Patients should take mild painkillers to reduce the pain before and after the procedure.


Protect the Area From UV Light


Prolonged exposure to UV light before and after the procedure increases levels of melanin that causes skin irritation. Using a Band-Aid on the procedure's area can help protect the area from UV lights.


Avoid the Use of Numbing Agents


The use of numbing agents is a common practice in the field of medicine. Numbing agents control the amount of pain during a procedure. Tattoo laser removal patients should not use these agents because they might lead to complications after the procedure. The only ones to use during the procedure are those prescribed by a medical doctor. Anything used beyond the prescription could lead to complications.


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