How To Avoid Scarring With Tattoo Removal?

How To Avoid Scarring With Tattoo Removal?

Up to 30 percent of the population in the United States has tattoos. The form of art has grown in popularity over the years. However, most individuals end up regretting their decisions for various reasons.

Most people who get tattoos and consider removing them worry about scarring. They don’t want their skin showing a trace that something happened. Read more to find out if tattoo removal can leave a scar.



Scarring is uncommon if you get your treatment through laser tattoo removal. Your chances of getting a scar are low if your specialist uses the appropriate protocols. Also, following the aftercare instructions they give you is vital in avoiding scarring after treatment.


Laser Tattoo Removal 

Laser tattoo removal is the best option for individuals who want to remove their tattoos with no sign left. It is a non-invasive method that uses a laser to break down the color pigment in the tattoo ink. It helps minimize the tattoo appearance as thoroughly as possible. 


Is Treatment Painful?

Most people who go through laser tattoo removal say that it hurts less than expected. When compared to other tattoo removal methods, it is less painful. Expect the removal process to be bearable.


What to Do Before Treatment to Prevent Scarring

You are likely to feel excited and nervous before your first tattoo removal session. But to ensure you get your desired results, you must create a routine of caring for your skin before you begin treatment.

Quit smoking to ensure your treatment works effectively. Take multivitamins to nourish your skin and keep your body healthy. Aloe, vitamin E, and zinc are effective in healing the skin. Ideally, drink plenty of water to ensure you get optimum hydration to ensure you recover faster from your treatment.


What to Do After Treatment to Prevent Scarring

There are certain things you need to do during your recovery time. Your specialist at will give you the appropriate instructions on what to do after treatment. They may ask you to do the following:


  • Wash the treatment site daily - Set apart time to wash the treated area with water and mild soap twice every day. Avoid antibacterial soaps as they are likely to cause inflammation and irritation. As a result, that can lead to scarring and slower healing.

  • Avoid rubbing the treatment site - As you dry the treatment area after washing it, avoid rubbing. You can use a paper towel to pat it. It is gentle and more effective than a towel.

  • Use appropriate products - After washing your treatment site, apply some cream or ointment to the area. Your specialist will advise on what products are suitable for use. Getting their recommendation is vital as some moisturizers or creams may cause harm in the recovery process. 

  • Change the dressing - Always change the bandages on the treatment site after cleaning it by using fresh and clean ones. Doing so will prevent blistering and scabbing that can appear after the tattoo removal.

  • Avoid sunshine - Prevent scarring by staying out of the sun after your tattoo removal treatments. Do this for a few weeks to avoid further blistering and a long recovery time. 

  • Be patient - You need to be patient to allow your skin enough time to heal. You can give yourself a six-week break between the treatment sessions. The longer you wait, the better your results will turn out.

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