How Smoking and Drinking Affect Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal isn’t something to be undertaken lightly. Whether you got your original ink on a whim or after it had been planned for weeks or months in advance, undoing the work of your tattoo artist is a serious process for which you should take precautions to ensure that it is done properly and safely. Failure to do so could leave you with substandard removal that could cause injury and permanent scarring. In addition to finding the best clinic to perform the removal – which is done using the latest laser technology – there are also some things that you can do to help your tattoo fade more quickly.

Many do not realize it, but two of the most common habits that people have – smoking and drinking – can actually have a significant impact on the success of tattoo removal which is why we strongly recommend that both of these are avoided for the entire duration of the tattoo removal process. Exactly how many sessions of laser treatment it will take to remove your tattoo will depend on several factors including how recent your tattoo is, its size, and the location on your body. Your technician should be able to give you an estimate of the number of sessions you can expect to need during your consultation, but it is advisable to remember that this is subject to change depending on how your body responds to the removal process.


Smoking and tattoo removal

Studies have found that the laser tattoo process can be up to 70% less effective for tobacco users, meaning that more sessions will be needed in order to achieve a significant improvement on the appearance of your ink. While there are several reasons for this, the most impactful is that smoking has been shown to weaken our immune system, which is integral to the healing process. Since your body will already be working hard to remove smoking-related pollutants, there will be less blood flow near the layers of skin where the shattered ink particles of the lasered tattoo will be. This means that fewer of these ink particles will be collected and carried away from the tattoo, causing it to take much longer to fade.


Alcohol consumption and tattoo removal

Keeping your body as hydrated as possible is a crucial element of tattoo removal since this will help all of our body’s usual processes to run optimally. Unfortunately, drinking considerable amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can prevent your liver and kidneys from being as effective at flushing out the broken down ink particles, meaning that your tattoo will linger for longer. Instead, we recommend that you drink plenty of water which will speed up the healing process, flush out the toxins from your blood, and reduce your risk of experiencing complications with your tattoo removal.


Laser tattoo removal is a very effective way of erasing those images that you now regret. To find out more about this treatment, please get in touch with our expert team by calling our clinic today at (916) 600-4428.