How Many Sessions Are Usually Required for Tattoo Removal?

How Many Sessions Are Usually Required for Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is unique to everyone, so it may not happen in one session unless you have a tiny tattoo. Mostly, it takes at least eight sessions. Each treatment is as unique as each tattoo, and every individual is unique.

Although you may want to know how many sessions you need, the answer may not be as easy. But with advances in technology, the sessions you may need will be fewer than before. Here are several factors that will affect the number of sessions you require.


Skin Type

Tattoo removal works for individuals with different skin types. However, each skin type reacts differently to tattoo removal. You will see quicker results if your skin has a light tone than when it is dark.

Laser light has difficulty differentiating between dark skin tones and tattoo pigment. When your skin is light-toned, the laser can differentiate between the two. It lifts the tattoo pigment with ease, so you need fewer sessions.

Darker skin is also susceptible to burns and scarring. To avoid this, the specialist can lower the setting. It results in more sessions, but you end up with fewer burns and scars.


Tattoo Layering

Tattoo removal is like peeling back onion skin. One can only peel back one layer at a time or treat one layer at a time. If you have a cover-up, the likelihood is that it has multiple layers. Therefore, it will require multiple sessions to get through all the layers of ink.


Ink Type and Quality

Tattoos vary in the type and quality of ink the artist uses. That means that different artists use a variety of compounds to create their pigments. Some ink types are more difficult to remove than others, so they need more sessions to clear them off your skin.

However, advances in technology are proving effective in dealing with this factor. They can deal with the different pigments that artists use to develop their colors.


Location of the Tattoo

Some areas are sensitive, and they can affect the removal process. The specialist may need to break down the removal process into many sessions to allow comfort and healing. Areas with high lymph node count and blood vessels are susceptible to this pain. They include the neck and face and lower and upper back.


Size of the Tattoo

The size of the tattoo will also affect the number of sessions you need for tattoo removal. The larger the tattoo, the more sessions you will need. There may not be any other factors slowing down the process. However, you will need more time to remove a full sleeve than a tiny tattoo on your wrist.


Age of the Tattoo

The older the tattoo, the deeper it sinks into the skin. That is why your tattoo may seem to fade with time. It makes it harder to remove, and when you do, you need to peel back the layers like an onion. The more recent the tattoo, the easier it is to remove. You will not need as many sessions as an older one.



You may need as many as 20 sessions to remove your tattoo. However long it takes, be patient. Let the specialist do their part, and follow the aftercare instructions they give you.

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