How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?

Most people have made decisions that they have gone on to regret. As getting tattoos continues to grow in popularity, there are just as many tattoo regrets. Experts suggest that one in every five individuals who get a tattoo want to get rid of it soon after. 

Fortunately, tattoo removal is not just possible but also safe and effective. If you have a tattoo that you want a professional to remove, you need to find out how professionals do it. It helps to find out how long tattoo removal takes. 


Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser removal has improved over the years. Getting rid of the ink will require several sessions for a period of six to eight weeks between treatments. Spacing the treatments allows the skin to process them. In most cases, it is possible to remove a tattoo in 10 to 12 treatments. 

Most people begin to see the ink fading after three sessions. After a few months, you can expect to see positive results. How long it takes to remove your tattoo will depend on your body’s response to the treatment. Another factor that affects the results is the type of ink used.


Complete Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal varies from one person to the next. The results are cumulative, and it is vital to stick to the treatment to achieve complete tattoo removal. Most people require between six to 13 sessions for complete removal. 

The process is gradual, and you can enjoy full results after one to two years. Some people can experience the desired results after four sessions, while others require up to 15 sessions for full results.  


Why Tattoos Remain on the Skin

Years ago, getting a tattoo was permanent. This meant that you had to live forever with the results of your poor judgment. Laser treatment can help erase the ink within a year. The immune system cannot get rid of the tattoo naturally without treatment. 

The skin is an organ that the immune system regulates. The body can detect foreign substances, including tattoo ink. During tattoo removal, macrophages, or special cells, help clear the elements. 


How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The state-of-the-art laser technology offers a safe and effective way to remove tattoo ink. The lasers produce focused beams that target the colors making up the tattoo. The pigment present in the ink absorbs the energy and ruptures. 

The process is safe because the laser beams do not touch the surrounding skin tissue, only targeting the ink particles. The particles turn into tiny fragments that the body safely reabsorbs through the natural immune system.


Benefits of Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are the safest and most effective way to get rid of tattoos. During each session, the laser wavelengths blast some ink particles into tiny fragments that are then eliminated by the macrophages. The body needs time to recover from each session in the clearing process. The subsequent sessions result in the tattoo fading away. 

Tattoo removal can go faster or slower depending on different factors. The factors include the size, color, and location of the tattoo and the age and depth of the ink. 

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