How Do You Treat Skin After Laser Tattoo Removal?

How Do You Treat Skin After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is making it easier to get rid of unwanted tattoos. You no longer have to endure the pain of chemical peels without concrete success. Laser tattoo removal is effective. However, you need to adhere to the aftercare instructions. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the best results.

That said, here are some aftercare instructions to help you get the best from your laser tattoo removal.

Ice the Area


You may notice how the ink whitens or frosts on the skin during laser tattoo removal. It is an indicator of ink shattering due to the laser treatment. As the ink breaks, it releases heat energy accounting for the whitening effect.

As it disappears, your skin may become red and start radiating heat. It will feel like a sunburn and may last for several hours or a couple of days. Cool off the area by applying ice several times for 48 hours. 

The more you ice it, the better your tattoo will respond to the healing process. You can put ice over the dressing or after removal. Whichever way you do it, keep alternating the process every 15 minutes. It also helps with any swelling and discomfort.

Remove the Dressing


There is always a temptation to leave the dressing on after a procedure. However, do not leave this dressing on for too long. At most, it should be on for only a couple of hours. Ensure it is off when you shower or go to bed. It will give the area time to breathe and heal.

Clean the Area


Showering after laser tattoo removal can be rough. Any water that hits the treatment area may increase your discomfort. However, keep the treatment area clean. Avoid using soap on the treatment area but clean it with water and pat it dry. You can apply Vaseline or aloe vera to soothe the area and prevent dryness. It also reduces itching and peeling of the skin.

Rest and Elevate


You need to rest and elevate the treatment area. Rest ensures that your blood pressure does not rise, causing complications like bruising and swelling. Elevating the treatment area also reduces swelling and discomfort. Avoid the use of painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin. Instead, use paracetamol if you feel any pain and discomfort.

Wound Care


As the days go by, you will notice some light scabbing. Avoid picking it; instead, allow it to fall on its own. It may feel uncomfortable, but as the scab falls off, it will leave behind nice, smooth skin. If you notice some light oozing, do not worry. It happens from time to time. Dab it dry and cover it with a bandage to protect your clothes.

Wear Sunscreen


As the wound heals, you may experience an itching sensation. It is a normal part of the healing process, and you should not itch. Instead, apply a vitamin E cream or sunscreen. Drink plenty of water and try to stay away from the sun before the next session. Having sunburn may make the tattoo removal process more difficult.


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