Facial Tattoo Removal: What You Need to Know

Some people get tattoos and later regret the decision. Whether it is a facial tattoo or one on another part of the body, removal is possible. There are a few things that you need to know before tattoo removal.

Here is a compilation of those things you may need to know.


Removal Is a Gradual Process

Removing a tattoo may take months. Thus, you need to be patient. It takes this long because your body needs the allowance to break down as much of the tattoo as it can. It also gives the body time to heal. The regeneration takes about eight weeks. During this time, the body’s immune system digests the pigment particles. The particles are those that the laser breaks down.

You will need to block out your time since each session is 45 minutes. It involves taking photos, cleaning up the areas, numbing injections, laser treatment, icing, and bandaging. All these take time. With lidocaine injections, you may experience a strange metallic taste as the laser hits your skin. Although the area is numb, you may also experience some pain during removal sessions.


Let a Specialist Handle It

Some spas may offer tattoo removal services at cheap prices. However, they may not be professionals, and they may end up burning and scarring your skin. When a professional does it, you have the assurance that they will do it while upholding standards. You will be getting the best. The need for a specialist is even more crucial when dealing with a facial tattoo.


There Will Be Side Effects

Laser tattoo removal has its side effects. These side effects can also affect the removal of your facial tattoo. You are likely to experience swelling, blisters, and redness. These will go away during the months between sessions. The body will heal and assimilate the pigments the laser breaks down.

The skin texture on your face is also different from the rest of the body. It is tender and darkens or lightens from the laser treatments, depending on the individual. This side effect may take about a year before your skin gets back to normal. Thus, prepare for a bit of discomfort.


Lather Up on Sunscreen Before Sessions

Lather up with zinc oxide sunscreen as soon as you know you need to start laser removal sessions. It will help with tattoo removal since sun exposure makes it hard. Using zinc oxide sunscreen anytime you are outside will help protect your tattoo. It will also allow for laser treatment regardless of the season.


Getting Rid of Ink

Getting rid of all the ink is possible, regardless of popular belief. Dark ink is hard to remove, but it is still possible to remove it no matter what your skin tone. With new technology, you can also deal with stubborn yellows and greens that took time to remove. This is another reason you should get a professional to remove your tattoo.

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