Can Laser Treatment Help with Brown Spot and Sunspot Removal?

Can Laser Treatment Help with Brown Spot and Sunspot Removal?

As people get older, the aging process takes a toll on the skin. Visible signs of aging appear on the face, neck, and hands — all parts of the body that are usually visible to others. One of the biggest culprits in the aging process is too much sun exposure.

Many people don’t think about the amount of sun exposure they’re getting when they are young. They might forget the sunscreen and end up with a sunburn once in a while. Others intentionally go into the sun to tan or enjoy regular visits to the tanning bed. And while the effects of too much sun exposure aren’t always evident right away, the damage accumulates over time and can result in sunspots later on.


What Is a Sunspot?

Sunspots are also known as dark spots or brown spots. The medical term for a sunspot is lentigo. These are areas of hyperpigmentation, meaning they are darker than the normal skin tone. They are usually oval or roundish and much larger than freckles.

Sunspots begin to appear as people grow older and appear most often on the areas of the body that get the most exposure to the sun. They are indications of sun damage to the skin.


How Laser Treatments Work

In the past, tattoo removal was a painful and laborious process. For many, total removal was impossible even after extensive treatments. Recent advancements in laser use have revolutionized tattoo removal. Many offices that specialize in tattoo removal use lasers to also treat unwanted sunspots.

The same laser that professionals use to remove tattoos also works well on sunspots. This is because this laser responds to the pigment in the skin — especially the color brown. For most people, sunspots are brown, so this laser is quite effective.


Not All Brown Spots Are Sunspots

It is important to have a thorough evaluation before proceeding with laser therapy for brown spots. Some brown patches of skin are not sunspots but a condition called melasma. Melasma is a skin disorder that often results in large brown patches on the face. Using laser treatments can cause melasma to darken, perhaps permanently.

In rare cases, melanoma can look like a sunspot. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can worsen with laser treatment. Undergoing a thorough evaluation with a qualified medical professional can help a person determine if laser treatment is appropriate for their brown spots.


What Happens Next

Minimizing or removing sunspots is much less intense than tattoo removal. Many people only need a few sessions at most to treat their sunspots. It depends on how dark the spots are and how many a person wants to treat. It is very important that people protect the treated areas from sun exposure.

It’s easier than ever before to maintain a youthful appearance. Successful sunspot removal is possible. To find out if you are a good candidate, get in touch with in Sacramento, Stockton, and Berkeley, California, at (916) 600-4428, 209.323.8332 or 510.710.7221.


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