Can I Get Laser Tattoo Removal While Pregnant?

Can I Get Laser Tattoo Removal While Pregnant?

Are you pregnant and looking to remove a tattoo? The common consensus is to wait until after the pregnancy and breastfeed before engaging in the process. Removing a tattoo is a process, not a one-time thing to do and be done with. You may be itching to get rid of your tattoo, but keep safety at the top of your list. 


There is no need to risk your baby’s health with laser tattoo removal. With advances in tattoo removal technology, the risk of endangering their health is low. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry.


There is no research showing a 100-percent possibility of endangering the child. Hence, the reliance is on what science reveals about tattoo removal. So, what factors do they consider to discourage tattoo removal when pregnant?




During pregnancy, the skin becomes more sensitive to light. It leaves you vulnerable even to sunlight, which can result in sunburn. The skin is reactive to all forms of light. Laser light is not exempt.


Yes, many consider laser safe for tattoo removal. It also has a low likelihood of harming the child. However, it can damage your skin. It can cause skin discoloration or scarring. It can leave you with wounds that may lead to potential infections.


Potential Infections


Different people have different skin types. Thus, their skin will act differently to the laser treatment. Some skin is more sensitive to laser light, and it will blister and crack, which could lead to infection. The infection may sap your energy as the blisters and cracks heal. 


Consider that you require the energy to carry the pregnancy and breastfeed afterward. It is better to wait to mitigate these energy losses when you need them most. The recommendation is to wait for three months after breastfeeding before tattoo removal.


Ink Absorption


During the tattoo removal process, the laser breaks down the ink particles. The body absorbs them and gets rid of them through the lymphatic system. Note that the same lymphatic system serves the mother and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although tattoo inks differ, some could be harmful to the fetus. Hence, it is wise to wait until after breastfeeding before seeking tattoo removal.


Slow Process


The tattoo removal process can be uncomfortable and slow. Also, you may need ten sessions or more to remove the tattoo—it depends on several factors. These include your tattoo ink, removal method, skin type, and other factors.


As you go through the pregnancy, you may withstand the process. It can be long, painful, and demanding. You may not have the energy to sit for long periods or tolerance for pain. Hence, it is good to wait until after breastfeeding when it is safe. You will also have some energy.




Safety is paramount during pregnancy. So although there is no concise research on the topic, it is better to take precautions. Take your time and wait for a more appropriate time when you can get the tattoo off safely and effectively.


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