Aftercare Instructions for Tattoo Removal

Are you thinking of getting your tattoo removed but worried about the side effects? Getting your tattoo removed is a process that continues after the laser treatment. You will need to do several things to ensure the best results.

Best Tattoo Removal Laser: PicoWay® vs. PicoSure®

If you have a tattoo that you do not want to wear anymore, your doctor may suggest removal using lasers. Lasers use powerful energy bursts to melt the tattoo ink inside the skin, breaking it into smaller bits that your body can remove.

How Many Tattoo Removal Sessions Do You Need Based on Size?

Tattoos have been popular for the last few decades. However, the number of people who regret getting tattoos keeps rising. Some do so because they do not like how the tattoo designs turn out. Other times, personal preference can change.

10 Interesting Facts About Laser Tattoo Removal

Many people like to have tattoos. But when the piece of art and the owner no longer agree, a tattoo removal treatment is a great option. Though many removal methods have worked in the past, laser tattoo removal is the safest. It is the most precise non-invasive way of removing tattoos. Read our 10 interesting facts below to learn more.

How Many Sessions Are Usually Required for Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is unique to everyone, so it may not happen in one session unless you have a tiny tattoo. In a majority of cases, it takes at least eight sessions. Each treatment is as unique as each tattoo, and every individual is unique.

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

If you want to remove an existing tattoo, go for laser removal. You will find alternative methods like creams and surgery, but they are not as effective as laser tattoo removal. It is safe. It will also remove your unwanted ink with little to no scarring.

Why Are Newer Tattoos Harder to Remove?

Tattoos are forever, but that does not mean that you cannot get rid of one. It can be easy to get rid of older tattoos. However, newer ones can be a bit tricky. That does not mean they are impossible to remove. It just means that it will take more time and effort. To understand why this is the case, let’s outline how tattoos work.

Easiest Vs. Hardest Tattoo Ink to Remove

Realizing you are not satisfied with your tattoo can be a defeating moment. You may have gone through severe pain when getting it or spent a lot of money but still not like it. Luckily, tattoo removal treatment keeps improving with time, and you can have yours successfully removed or faded out.

8 Things to Avoid After a Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a significant way of self-expression. They are a form of artistic expression, with 45 million people in the United States having them on their bodies. But according to some studies, 23 percent of individuals who get tattoos regret their decision later.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Tattoos?

If you have heard anything about removing tattoos, you may have heard that there are various ways to remove them. Tattoo removal can be through surgical removal, laser treatment, dermabrasion, or chemical peels.


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