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March 17, 2015
Erasing The Past, One Tattoo At A Time

I met Chris and his team at almost two years ago while I was working at a salon he was renting from to do his laser tattoo removal work. I fell in love with the idea of what he was doing with his company. From  all his charity work to all his patients who would come in and seem so grateful to have this treatment offered to help them start over or erase a mistake. It was fascinating.

I have a few tattoos, which I love, except one. I have these four crescent moons on my ankle that are usually mistaken as backwards C’s, pac-man, shrimp, even toenails. I hate it! So when I met Chris I was really excited at the idea of possibly being able to remove this tattoo and not have to deal with explaining what it is to everyone who sees it!


I did my researched, talked to some of his patients, read the reviews, and of course talked with Chris. When I was finally done asking questions and ready to start the long process that is laser tattoo removal, I was surprised.  I was surprised at how quick the treatment was and how well I tolerated the pain (mostly because it was so fast; a few seconds more and I would be feeling it!) The nurse was very gentle and walked me through the entire process. And just like that, treatment one was under my belt.

Here I am now almost a year later and 6 treatments down.  (You have to wait 2 months in between each treatment, so it can take some time.) My tattoo is more than half way gone and I could not be happier.  I look forward to each treatment and watching as it slowly fades and fades away! I am counting the days until I can be a before and after model! I am thinking about 2-3 more treatments and I should be pac-man free!

Sometimes I wonder if I had never met Chris if I would have looked into getting this tattoo removed. I am grateful for meeting Chris for many reasons, and getting this thing off my ankle is just the start!