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Inkoff.me began in Sacramento to help people who need to remove or fade tattoos in order to make a fresh start. Our clients are new moms who want to remove their tramp stamp from their college days and the former prisoner who wants to remove his horn tattoos to find a job.

Laser Tattoo removal has become more effective and more affordable because of new technology. While most tattoos are not removed in one session, our high-powered ruby laser specializes in removing colors, reducing the amount of sessions you will need. Community service is of upmost importance to the staff at Inkoff.me. We often provide free or reduced priced clinics in the Sacramento area to remove tattoos that are job preventative. We've removed hundreds of tattoos from people's face, hands or neck.

Inkoff.me also provides affordable and effective Laser hair reduction. Our prices are competitive and the service is outstanding. Hair reduction also takes multiple sessions but is well worth the cost when you no longer have to shave or wax! We also offer laser genesis, vein therapy, brown spot removal, laser wart removal, and hand and toe fungus removal. Call us today for a free consultation! 916.600.4428

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Why are you here?

Why are you here?

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